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Created on 2010-09-23 23:40:45 (#644013), last updated 2010-10-28 (359 weeks ago)

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Name:The Mighty Menstrual
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This community is for those who love all things menstrual, vaginal, and WOMAN!

This is a no-discrimination zone. All are welcome as long as you genuinely want to be in this community. DO NOT BASH OTHERS or write things that are not constructive. No judging, no drama... you get the picture.

Things to post about: vaginas, menstruation, menarche parties, menarche, birth, pregnancy, alternative female health, vagina workshops, book/zine/movie recommendations about these topics, sex, sex education, sex toys, health issues, awesome recipes, alternative menstrual products (cloth pads, diva cups, sea sponges, etc), uterus, sisterhood, moonhuts, abortion, menopause... and anything else that relates to female health.

This is not a community for anyone to treat one another poorly. It isn't your place to tell someone else how to live their life. Friendly suggestions are welcome, but for example, calling someone a slut is not appropriate and you will be deleted immediately. Purity is a myth here.

When you join, introduce yourself :)

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